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We supply and install the latest generation of heat sensing Thermal Imaging Cameras here in the UK. These CCTV Thermal Cameras detect the temperature of a heat source and send alarms to alert a third party alerting to a potential fire hazard.

Introduction is a sister company to Unique surveillance systems. The company specialises in Thermal CCTV Camera technology for companies that require monitoring of heat sources on their premises.

We work along side remote alarm receiving centres to provide 24 hour monitoring.

Protect your site from fire damage!


With our flagship product, the R.A.D. System.

Our 30 years experience has allowed us to develop a groundbreaking system for your site that can AUTOMATICALLY detect, analyze and respond to fires and other security hazards, stopping them from ever getting out of control.

Check out our R.A.D System
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Hostile Environment

Our Hostile environment cameras see through dense and foul mists at temperature ranges of a constant 50 degrees celsius with intense humidity.

They are manufactured in marine grade stainless steel together with a polycarbonate camera case construction.


Stable in hostile conditions at higher temperatures

Better accuracy in measurement

Stainless steel construction

Rugged Construction

Stainless steel construction allows the installation in environments with highly corrosive external agents, such as industrial or chemical environments.


Better image quality

Heavy duty pan and tilt motors

Ideal for In-Vessel Composting (IVC) sites

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Thermal security cameras are being used more often these days to identify all kinds of problems in the work place. By the use of radiometric cameras, the key benefits are checking for the overheating or cooling of electrical or electronic devices and monitoring dangerous heat sources.

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Temperature Control

Plant machinery can often run at very high temperatures. One way for operators to monitor this is to be able to see live data of various components of the equipment and make necessary adjustment when needed


Protect your premises with our range of heat mapping cameras


Upgrade to the very latest camera and recording technology


Maintain your camera system, especially if operating in harsh environments.