Radiometric CCTV Cameras

Radiometric CCTV cameras allow for non-contact monitoring and analysis of thermal energy by the camera system itself and can present this information on screen. This means that the camera system will monitor thermal energy point by point across the area range. Radiometrics cameras fulfil the duties of Thermal IR cameras and pyrometers. This is achieved through each pixel on screen recording and analysing full Infrared radiation data.

Network Thermal Radiometric Cameras

Suitable for structured cable installations

Waste Site Installation

Below is a short video showing the operation of a Silent Sentinel PTZ camera with an overview reference camera and its associated thermal camera.

This system is employed on one of our waste recycling sites, where the potential for fires to start is very high risk.

waste site drying plant

radiometric camera
radiometries thermal camera

This is a drying plant on a waste management site, where the moisture content of the waste material is removed. This has to be monitored very closely as the material is highly combustable. The thermal imaging camera detects the heat source (shown in white on the video) and if it reaches a critical temperature will send an alarm to the remote receiving centre, who in turn will alert the site manager.

Radiometric Thermal Cameras

A Radiometric Thermal Camera System monitors the temperature and thermal energy of its entire field of view, and analyses the fluctuations around site to provide average temperatures and warns operators of any heat spikes or lows.

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The benefits of Radiometric Thermal Camera systems are clear, the ability to automatically monitor temperature fluctuations across a wide area and at a distance allow for possible crises such as combustion

High Definition

Our cameras have full Radiometric, and HD Video functions. This means that the recording displays crisp and clear video, monitors thermal energy across an area and precise temperatures of specific points

Live Data

A screenshot of a scene from an RTC, with a grey colour scheme. This demonstrates which areas have the highest thermal energy producing a peak reading, in this case the hydraulics and engines of the machinery.