Our Radiometric Analytic Detection System

RAD Systems have developed a ground breaking, specialist fire prevention and hazard detection system that works in even the most hostile of industrial and waste processing environments.

Your RAD System will be bespoke to ensure: Hotspot detection  I  Process monitoring   I  Zone-specific protection and alarm responses  I  Fire suppressant activation  I  Security protection  I  Capacity for off-site monitoring  I  Email and phone alerts  I  Bespoke, unique alarm procedures and settings  I  Robust FP200 and SWA Cabling  I  Scaled alarms at adjustable temperatures, specialist fire prevention and hazard detection system that works in even the most hostile of industrial and waste processing environments.

The ability to function in hostile environments

Our unrivalled system has full pan-pan/tilt units to provide 360° protection

Require no visible light to operate, but instead ‘see’ infrared radiation which is emitted by every single physical entity.

Fitted in heavy duty metal cases to prevent site damage.

Cameras that provide sweeping coverage of an area and detect any increases in radiation.

Allowing hotspots to be found before they can reach an ignition point. 

Multiple alarm response

Data is fed into the RAD System, which internally processes the information to do everything from filtering out false alarms and minimising activations to, when necessary, triggering fire suppressant equipment such as foam deluge systems, water cannons.

This is done on a zone by zone basis, allowing different hazards to have different responses according to the unique operational and insurance requirements of any site.

24 Hour 365-day cover 

Thermal Camera RAD Technology Pan Motor System.

A continuous duty cycle, heavy duty external quality motor is used to rotate our Thermal camera in “pan” only mode (left to right).

A wide-angle lens gives top to bottom cover. General surveillance is given by four HD static cameras (90-degree segments).

Use of our RAD system filtering gives 24-hour 365 day operational capability.

The control system has a manual override control, and basic video recording for very fast incident review.

High Power Water Cannon

Our RAD System offers an automatic way of stopping fires on their site, before they even start.

Our price breakthrough development is the use of a very heavy duty 3 phase motor to which we have fitted with a monitor nozzle set to Jet to Fan pattern.

This is a very robust engineered unit to handle the stresses of high-pressure water cannon activation and moving the cannon under pressure. The system is installed in an active waste processing hall and integrated into a fire-suppression water cannon.

This means that our RAD System is able to use the information from a thermal camera on a rotating PTZ unit to automatically patrol the entire hall and look for any danger of a fire starting.

Intelligent analysis of heat alarms from the thermal camera means that the RAD System is able to tell the difference between a high temperature from a vehicle that should be there, and a high temperature that could become a fire.

This can then decide automatically whether to activate the water cannon and suppress the dangerous rise in heat.

Bespoke to ensure: Fire protection  Extremely heavy-duty system  Operates around the clock to protect  One camera covers 360 degrees   Hot spot detection, confirming cooling activation   Water or foam is directed at hotspots   Quick rotation, giving a deluge effect   Rapid cooling and extinguishing function   Extensively water proofed against splash backs