What is a R.A.D System?

radiometric analytic detection

The RAD System is vital to set up a ground breaking early warning fire prevention and security network.

The Radiometric Analytic Detection System is based around our high quality thermal cameras, fitted in 360° pan and tilt units to give all round cover and protection for your site 24/7.

What makes the RAD System special is the artificial intelligence programming that can tell the difference between high temperatures that should be there and ones that shouldn’t. So, hot exhaust gas from a truck won’t set off an alarm, but if the same truck malfunctions and overheats, it will.

Key to the RAD System working especially for your site and requirements is the RAD System’s ability to divide the protection into different zones, with different alarms and effects. The principle of Unique Surveillance’s RAD System is always to detect and respond to hotspots before they can become fires and our ‘Multiple Area Response’ achieves exactly that, totally protecting your site at a stroke.

This is a genuinely unique feature of any fire protection system and is a ground-breaking step forward in premises protection. An automatic, scaled response to different hazards in different areas that necessarily require different approaches.

There is no need for dated site wide alarms with the RAD System. This saves your site, protects your property, limits downtime and ensures instant, appropriate responses to any and all fire hazards before they can even set alight!

Up to six individual zones can be programmed to have different responses to high temperature alarms. So, a dangerously high temperature in, for example, a chemical processing area could be programmed to trigger a foam suppression system in that area alone and alert the fire brigade, whilst a high temperature in a vehicle workshop can alert management and workers without closing the zone.

The RAD System carries out automatic, intelligent, site wide and zone-specific monitoring and protection, and importantly integrates seamlessly with most extinguishment and suppression control systems.

This saves you time and money in the thousands because if a suppression system or alarm needs to be activated, it is limited to the specific areas of danger and not the whole site.

Security applications of the RAD System are significant too, as our infrared technology provides up to a kilometre detection range of intruders and fire hazards and works in all weather, lighting and environments.

We at Unique Surveillance Systems operate a consultancy service where the first visit is always free; very useful to indicate the use of this new and intelligent technology in your premises providing,

  • Hotspot detection.
  • Zone-specific protection and alarm responses.
  • Fire suppressant activation.
  • Process monitoring.
  • Security Protection.
  • All the systems are integrated with and features are controlled by the AI of our RAD System so an all-encompassing and advanced security and safety networked system is provided for significantly less financial outlay than several individual systems.