Radiometric Analytic Detection

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Radiometric Analytic Detection

The RAD System is the new generation in protecting your property. It works by alerting you to fire risks before they can ever ignite.

RAD stands for Radiometric Analytic Detection. What makes the RAD Unit really special is its Artificial Intelligence system, used to analyse and assess the operating atmosphere for danger. The RAD Unit can run in any environment or industry and is even able to automatically tell the difference between a genuine fire hazard and high temperatures that are meant to be there and are safe.

This means that the system works where all other heat detection alarms fail, because the RAD unit can filter out false alarms, the Unique Surveillance RAD system works anywhere and everywhere.

Hot running machinery, exhaust gases from plant and other safe heat sources are not a problem. The unit sees and understands that these are meant to be there and does not activate any alarms. But should something go wrong on your site, the RAD Unit sees the hazard, analyses the danger and raises the alarm.

Our thermal cameras are installed at your site and ‘see’ the thermal energy in the environment. The information is then converted to data which is read and analysed by the Unit, customised to the unique requirements of your site and operations.

If there is no danger, there is nothing to worry about and no alarm. If something starts to become dangerously hot, an early warning alarm is activated which can alert management, supervisors or anyone else. Should something on site becomes very dangerous and present an imminent fire risk the RAD Unit sends out its highest level of alarm.

The RAD Unit can be programmed to alarm at any desired temperature up to 650°C; considering that most materials ignite at around 200°C, you can be sure that the RAD System will give you safe, reliable advance warning of fire hazards no matter how demanding or even hostile the environment.


The system can alert monitoring stations and activate fire alarms, suppression systems and even contact people by email and phone. Plus, a photograph of the ‘hotspot’ that triggered an alarm can be sent automagically by the system over email, giving you peace of mind and instant visual verification; saving time and your property.

The RAD Unit can be bought as a bespoke, designed and unique RAD System for your site, built specially to meet your needs. It would be installed and configured by Unique Surveillance engineers, who have over 30 years experience in the CCTV industry.

This ensures that all desired function of the RAD System are successfully exceeded. Alternatively, the RAD Unit itself is available separately with a manual for installation and programming into your system.

Either way, both the RAD Unit and the comprehensive RAD System present a phenomenal step forward in fire protection for industry and business. The cost benefits are obvious as it stops fire from ever being able to start. Money is saved on insurance via reduced premiums, equipment and site monitoring is improved and peace of mind is provided even in high risk environments.

After all, the best form of protection is prevention.