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thermal camera security systems

Security where it matters.

We at Unique Surveillance Systems have successfully applied our knowledge of Radiometric Thermal Cameras to external thermal camera security systems.

This large area is very difficult to cover with sensors as its landscape is constantly changing; machinery, equipment and containers are moved to new areas every day. It would be very difficult for sensors and traditional security cameras to guarantee security protection as their view becomes obscured.

With our Thermal Camera detection a very wide angle view is taken, in this case, covering most of the yard with just one lens. The area protected here is over 200m x 300m. Thermal signatures from intruders are detected with ease even at the far reaches of the site.

What is really important is that the Unique Surveillance RAD System filters out false alarm sources including wildlife and flora such as wildlife whilst allowing all images, and importantly, alarm activations, to be closely monitored by an approved Video Alarm Receiving Centre/monitoring station.

Should an intruder be detected on site, the RAD System allows for scaled responses, such as a live audio announcement from the Video Alarm Receiving Centre to scare away would-be criminals, or even directly contacting police and security services. This is just the first of many security applications for systems by Unique Surveillance utilising the new technology of the RAD System.

Thermal Camera Technology can be used to cover large-scale sites without the need for expensive, multiple external detectors. .

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